Our current Startups are working on the following projects:


1. Power efficient CMOS Image Sensors

Name of the Incubatees: Mr. Wilfred Kisku, Dr. Amandeep Kaur.
Title of the start-up: Human Perception driven on-chip compression for power-efficient CMOS image sensors.
Brief description and application of start-up: The idea is based on the combined effect of pixel differencing and logarithmic compression that reduces the requirement of high-resolution analog to digital conversion to read the pixel values, and therefore, saves power. With the proposed architectural modifications, on average the ADC can resolve with 5 bits. An on-chip hardware is incorporated so that the image sensor range is further rectified using a deep learning model to improve the PSNR and SSIM qualities of the images. The developed prototype will find its applications in many areas like healthcare, motion detection, autonomous vehicles etc.

Grants received: Recipient of MSME grant.

2. Small-scale Milk Disinfection System

Name of the Incubatee: Mr. Vigyan Gadodia
Other Team Members: Ms Kiran, Mr. Ramavtar, Mr. Ritesh Mishra,
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ram Prakash.
Title of the start-up: Design and development of “small scale milk disinfection system” using mercury-free plasma/UV technology.
Brief description and application of start-up: Aim of this start-up is to develop a micro-scale plasma /UV-based milk sterilization system operational at farmer level to help preserve the nutritional content of milk by deactivating the bacteria in the milk. Mercury-free UV, plasma in-addition to UV, quick-processing time, low capital, and operating costs are some of its uniqueness over other methods. This technique can prevent milk wastage due to spoilage, lowers processing cost, is eco friendly, and provides consumers with highly nutritious milk.

Grants received: Recipient of MSME Ideation Grant.

3. Greenoearth Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the Incubatee: Dr. Neelam Rathode
Other Team Members: Sachin Arora, Shikha Bhati, Sumit Kumar, and Hitesh Sagar.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ram Prakash.
Title of the start-up: In-house organic sanitizer making machine.
Brief description and application of start-up: This sanitizer machine uses home-based ingredients, like water and electricity and produces hypochlorous acid which acts like sanitizer/disinfectant. It can produce different concentrations of hypochlorous acid with just one click. It is easy to operate, non-toxic, skin friendly, kills 99.99% germs, one time investment, reusable, and needs no maintenance.

Grants received (if any): Currently, seeking for grant.
Website link: http://www.greenoearth.com.

4. Indoor Air Purifier Systems

Name of the Incubatee: M/s Divya Plasma Solutions Pvt. Ltd. start-up company promoted by Dr. Ram Prakash,
Other Team Members: Mr. Ramavtar, Ms. Kiran, Dr. Ambesh Dixit, Mr. Pradeep Jain, Mr. Divya Jain, Mr. Sahil Sapra, Mr. Anil Sapra.
Title of the start-up: Novel CODE Device based Indoor Air Purifier Systems
Brief description and application of start-up: The Cold-plasma Detergent Device (CODE) device used in the indoor air purifier is based on a cold plasma discharge for the generation of plasma detergent ions in the environment. The device comprises a novel geometry plasma source with specially designed electrodes and a filter coated with nanoparticles catalysts. It is an environment friendly technique and uses low-cost electrode materials. The need for feed gas, pallets and/or differential pressure has been eliminated from the plasma discharge for air purification by virtue of new design and process. The device is able to generate efficient plasma detergent ions with a larger sustenance time. This new type of discharge plasma generation requires low average power to operate and simultaneously provides high efficiency for plasma detergent generation. Prototypes are being developed.

5. Contactless Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurements

Name of the Incubatees: Mr. Bibhudutta Satapathy, Dr. Deepak Mishra, and Dr. Amandeep Kaur
Title of the start-up: A Wellness Device for Real-time Non-contact Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurements
Brief description and application of start-up: This project aims to develop a portable low-cost device to use polarization based optical sectioning of the light for blood oxygen saturation SpO2 measurement. The light reflecting from body-parts is divided into components reflecting from deep and superficial layers of skin and the ratio of intensities of the two components has a linear relationship with SpO2. The existing devices for measuring SpO2, like oximeters, use multiple light sources and require proper body contact whereas the proposed wellness device is contactless and requires only a single light source. Among the different attributes of the proposed device, the non-contact measurement is the most impactful, particularly in pandemic situations such as COVID-19.
Grants received (if any): Recipient of MSME grant.

6. Alcohol breath analyzer

Name of the Incubatee: Dr Saakshi Dhanekar
Title of the start-up: Indigenous alcohol breath analyzer for prevention of drink and driving cases
Brief description and application of start-up: The project involves the development of smart sensors for detection of alcohol from exhaled human breath. This technique offers an inexpensive, non-invasive and rapid method for detecting organic compounds (like ethanol, acetone) in breath for health and disease states. It consists of a sensor array wherein each sensor responds to each VOC differently.
Grants received (if any): Recipient of BIG grant.
Website link: https://intellosensor.com/

7. Self-Cleansing Endoscope

Name of the Incubatees: Dr. Ravi. K. R., Mr. S. Subburayalu, Mr. Thilak Chakaravarthi
Title of start-up: Development of Transparent, Durable Superhydrophobic-coating for Self-cleaning of Endoscope.
Brief description and application of start-up: During Surgery in vasculature regions like Ear Neck and Throat, often endoscopes lose their visibility when the lens gets in contact with bodily fluids like blood. This affects surgeons in performing procedures like blood vessel cauterizing, which results in increased intraoperative blood loss and surgery time for patients. Developing a cost-effective socket based permanent blood repellent coating for existing endoscopes. The Anti-fouling property of the lens coating will maintain a clear visual field from fluid interactions like blood and Body fluids during surgery.
Grants received (if any): Recipient of MSME grant.

8. Endoscopic camera system

Name of the Incubatees: Dr. Amandeep Kaur and Dr. Deepak Mishra
Title of start-up: Endoscopic camera system
Brief description and application of start-up: This start-up alleviates the issue of an “always on” sensor that causes unnecessary power consumption even if there is no activity/event of interest happening. The invention targets to add an intelligent component to the CIS that carries out on chip inference for controlling the functioning of the image sensor. This is carried out using deep learning architecture built into the system pipeline, the computational core being a hardware accelerator. Applications include security applications that assist in intelligent decision making, assistive medical examination and procedure.
Grants received (if any): Recipient of BIG grant.

9. Novealthy Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the Incubatees: Dr. Sumit Kalra
End to End Telemedicine Solutions Solutions we are working on:

● Telemedicine Application
● Integrated Diagnostic Devices
● Augmented Reality Tools
● Multilevel Screening

Website link: https://novealthy.in